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These rules are intended to promote consistent use of the™ brand. This makes it easier for audiences to instantly recognize references to™ and prevents consumer confusion. These guidelines also help protect company trademarks.

Logos & Brand Identities

PNG Image™ Logo™ Logo Black on a transparent background
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PNG Image™ Icon™ icon for social media use
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JPG Image™ explained
Screenshot with callouts of hints showing up within the CommonApp®
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PNG Image™ Welcome Screen
Shows the™ welcome screen the user sees when they first navigate to the Common App®
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JPG Image
Founders Photo
The Founders Anna Ivey (left) and Alison Cooper Chisolm (right)
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JPG Image
Anna Ivey (CEO)
Anna Ivey, CEO of CommonCoach, Inc.
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Product Photo
Photo of installed on a laptop.
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PDF Format
Press Release 08/15/2016 is going live on 08/15/2016
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Other Brand Information

The name of the company is: CommonCoach, Inc.
The name of the product is:™
The company was founded in: 2015
The company has offices in: Cambridge, MA and Los Angeles, CA
The names of the founders are: Anna Ivey (CEO); Alison Cooper Chisolm (CFO/COO); Kevin Grinberg (CPO); Andreas Randow (CTO)
The URL for™ is: or

Short Description: provides real-time, in-browser help with college applications that use the Common Application. Founded by former college admissions officers and highly sought-after admissions consultants Anna Ivey and Alison Cooper Chisolm, will help you conquer the most intimidating part of the college admissions process: the application.

Disclaimer:™ and CommonCoach, Inc. are not affiliated with the Common Application or Common Application, Inc.